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best 17 wsm rifle

Browning offers a Falling Block chambered in 17 WSM, Savage has its new B-Mag rifle in 17 WSM, and Volquartsen is taking orders for an impressive, semi-auto 17 WSM. In January, Savage unveiled its new B-Mag rifle chambered for the .17 Win Super Mag, but there were delays getting the gun into production. The 17 WSM offers superior ballistics to all .22 rimfires, and is a clear step ahead of the 17 HMR. Winchester says that the zinc core and “thin alloy jacket with engineered sidewall profile” deliver “explosive fragmentation.”. Depending on the chambering, 110 UltraLite rifles weigh between 5.8 and 6 pounds. When considering .17-caliber Varminting, most guys think rimfire — shooting the 17 HMR or the newer 17 WSM. For use with the Bertalotto Bore Guide, we prefer the nylon-coated version, in either 26″ or 36″ lengths, depending on barrel length. Search for Best Rifle Suppressor 2015 And Best Scope For 17 Wsm Rifle Best Rifle Suppressor 2015 And Best Scope For 17 Wsm Rifle Ads Immediately . Rimfire shooters have been asking for better performance since at least 1960, a year after the 22 Winchester Magnum hit the streets. The team at just completed an extensive test of Winchester’s new LEAD FREE 17 WSM ammunition. The B-Mag employs a “cock-on-close” design. Free shipping and returns on "Rifle 17 Wsm And 17 Wsm Rifle Savage Online Wholesale" f Every Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); GunsAmerica managed to score some .17 WSM rimfire ammo, borrow a B-Mag rifle, and test the new cartridge at the range. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. We like the relatively compact Special 5 press for most reloading duties. The reticle is the drop compensation type and is works beautifully with 20 gr and 25 gr bullets. These open-bottom designs don’t protect the delicate chamber edge or the bottleneck area of the chamber, and they also allow some seepage of solvents out of the chamber. Accurate and affordable, the Savage A17 is also the first .17 HMR to feature a delayed blow-back action. The 17 WSM (“Winchester Super Magnum”) is the fastest, flattest-shooting rimfire round you can buy. Needless to say, we were not disappointed in the amount of varmints and shooting we experienced! U.S. Army Orders Bushnell Laser Rangefinders, Amazing Accuracy from Australian .22 LR Rifle at 200 Yards. I found that popping in the magazine while the bolt was pulled, or locked back, resolved the issue. This 17 WSM bullet retains more energy at 125 yards (253 foot-pounds) than the 17 HMR churns out at the muzzle (245 f-p.) It drifts half as much in the wind and shoots almost three times flatter.What's not to like? This item is incredibly nice product. That makes this round a potential “game-changer” in the varmint fields. Best .17 HMR Rifle: Buying Guide & reviews May 25, 2020 September 21, 2018 by Jeffrey Williamson Developed by Hornady ammunition maker in 2002, the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) took the target and varmint shooting world by storm by becoming the most aggressive production rimfire commercially available. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? It’s a great looking rifle, with a varmint contour barrel - good for longer shooting sessions with a hot caliber. Volquartsen’s engineers tell us: “The 17 Winchester SuperMag was introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show. The 17 Mach 2 (HM2) is making a resurgence, as it is less expensive than 17 HMR and it can be shot from rifles converted from .22 LR since it shares the .22 LR cartridge O… If you looking for special discount you may need to searching when special time come or holidays. And then you shoot this rifle… it’s VERY accurate and just a solid hunting rifle. We were promised some good shooting, but until we actually sit down at the bench and start pulling the trigger, we try not to get our hopes up. In gusty 15-20 mph winds, Jason was still able to put five shots inside an inch or so at 100 yards. This may be the ultimate stealth varminter set-up. One of our favorite cartridges for small varmints is the 17 HMR. 1. But there were plenty of excellent field rifles with more conventional stocks. Even with the scope mounted, I was able to quickly and easily remove the parts needed to give me complete access to the barrel through the breach, so cleaning was a breeze.”, A17 Reliability Lessons — Seat Those Rotary Magazines Correctly Folks You save money, barrel life is a little longer, and the 17 Mach 2 is still a much more potent cartridge than the .22 LR. Most importantly, our Forum members are reporting outstanding accuracy with Reloder 16. Winchester based it on a .27 caliber blank made for industrial nail guns used for cement nails…. It has a 22 inch fluted barrel. If you shoot long range, you need a scope level. T3 barreled actions also are a good “core” for a tactical build. Mayer wanted to see how the new Savage would perform, accuracy-wise, and he also wanted to see how the A17 fared in the field. In 2019 Volquartsen added the .17 Mach 2 (.17 HM2) to the Summit series. Compare that with a .22 LR which can drop 18 inches or more from 100 to 200 yards (based on 1150 fps MV). At last, after many months, the B-mag rifle is ready, and .17 Win Super Mag rimfire ammo is starting to hit dealer’s shelves. The nylon coating cleaned easily and was gentle on the throat and crown. You can see that the 17 Hornet’s trajectory (blue-gray line) is almost an identical match for the larger .223 Rem (red line) all the way out to 400 yards or so. Best Price Best 17 Wsm Rifle And Aero Survival Rifle 10mm Best 17 Wsm Rifle And A After shooting the groups, we settled on a 200-yard zero, which put the rifle at 1.1″ high @ 100 yards and 5.3″ low @300 yards. And the rifle manufacturers quickly marketed some nice rifles to chamber this 17-cal rimfire round. If you’re not familiar with this cartridge, the 17 WSM is the fastest, flattest-shooting rimfire round you can buy. Firearm Info New Ruger 77/17 – 17WSM Bolt Action Rifle … Copyright Ron Spomer Outdoors © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) This lead- free version is impressively flat-shooting. Able to drive a 20gr bullet over 3000 fps, this new .17 Win Super Mag raises the bar for rimfire cartridges. The tight fit of the bore guide in the chamber also stops cleaning solvents from getting into the action, magazine, and trigger housing.” (Editor: Solvent seepage can do damage. Savage B-Mag Rifle Chambered in 17 Win Super Mag. Afterwards, he took it on a short groundhog hunt[.] The 17 Winchester Super Magnum Rimfire (aka Win Super Mag or WSM) is the fastest, most potent modern rimfire round you can buy. Buy 17 Wsm Rifle Makers And Barrett Fieldcraft Hunting Rifle Review 17 Wsm Rifle Makers And Barrett Fieldcraft Hunting Rifle Review Reviews : You finding where Grab it while you can. As a first effort on a new and revolutionary rimfire, the B-Mag performed well, and the cartridge looks to have great potential. Sunday GunDay: Six Field Rifles from SHOT Show 2020, Rimfire 17s — Three Great Options: 17 HMR, 17 Mach 2, 17 WMS, CLICK HERE for Savage A17 First Hunt Report on, Watch video with rapid fire sequence, Cleaning Rod Bore Guide for 17 HMR Rifles, Hunt Report: Squirrel-Busting with’s 17 Hornet, » READ FULL 17 Hornet TEST & HUNT REPORT on Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 17 WSM rifle. GunsAmerica Says New 17-Cal Rimfire Cartridge Is Promising: “Savage sent us this test rifle over two months ago, but we had no ammo, so like everyone else, we waited. It has a heavy profile bull barrel, an adjustable trigger, two stage safety and a wooden stock. Fitted with a Proof Research carbon-wrapped stainless barrel, Savage’s new 110 UltraLite rifle weigh under 6 pounds (without optics). CLICK HERE for 17 WSM lead-free ammo test article. Plus, its price is on-par with most rimfire hunting rifles. Shop for cheap price Review Ptr Rifles And Ruger 17 Wsm Rifle Reviews .Compare Price and Options of Review Ptr Rifles And Ruger 17 Wsm Rifle Reviews from variet And now you can finally get a rifle to shoot the speedy little cartridge, the fastest rimfire round ever created. 17 WSM semi-auto prototypes have been built and tested. The Savage A17 went through a very thorough manufacturer’s testing process before it was released to the market. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 Parallax Adjustment Second Focal Plane Riflescopes. Both Anschutz and Volquartsen will offer new 17 Mach 2 rifles in 2019. The Winchester HV was the worst, with a 2.304 MOA average for three, 5-shot groups. Using the RVB 17 HMR Guide – Once the bore guide is in place, slide the supplied aluminum bushing over the tube, and gently push the bushing into the rear of the action. Winchester has created a new, high-velocity 17-caliber rimfire cartridge, the .17 Winchester Super Magnum (aka .17 WSM). It’s impressive that Savage could deliver a sub-6-pound rifle with 22″ to 24″ barrels. We think the A17 may be the most important new rimfire rifle of 2015, so we were pleased to see that Eric Mayer, Editor of, put the new semi-auto Savage through its paces. Weight is 5.1 pounds, and there are a varity of finish options. Powder Valley now has Alliant Reloder 16 (RL16) in stock in both 1-lb ($23.95) and 8-lb ($178.95) containers. The 17 Winchester Super Magnum Rimfire (aka Win Super Mag or WSM) is the fastest, most potent modern rimfire round you can buy. CLICK HERE to read full 17 Hornet Hunt Report. 3-position safety that locks the bolt down when fully engaged. If you searching for special discount you need to searching when special time come or holidays. Click HERE for Ruger 77/17, 17 WSM Review. * NOTE: You really do need a dedicated .17-cal cleaning rod for this job. *The ninth rifle, a Savage BMAG with original thin-contour barrel, was the “odd man out”. Savage 96901 B.Mag 17 WSM Bolt 17 Winchester Super Magnum 22" 8+1 Synthetic Stk 96901 - The B.Mag isn't simply a re-chambered version of an existing platform; Savage designed this rimfire rifle specifically to handle the high velocities of the 17 Winchester Super Magnum with design features typically reserved for their centerfire rifles. Standard magazine capacity will be 8 rounds. Check out this comparison of three rimfire magnmum cartridges (17 WMS, 17 HMR, and 22 WMR): And now lead-free 17 WSM ammo is available. Share the post "Rimfire 17s — Three Great Options: 17 HMR, 17 Mach 2, 17 WMS". You also must make sure the bolt is pushed ALL the way forward before you begin to rotate the bolt handle downwards. There are three readily-available 17-caliber rimfire rounds now on the market: 17 HMR, 17 WSM, and 17 Mach 2(aka 17 HM2). We hope other chamberings, such as 6XC or 6mm Creedmoor, will be offered in the future, as we think this could be an excellent long-range varmint platform, with a handy detachable magazine. You can now get 50 rounds of CCI 17 Mach 2 for just $6.55 at Midsouth. In this article, you’ll find the highlights of’s review of the 17 WSM round in the Ruger 77/17 cartridge. Here are some highlights from’s Savage A17 First Hunt Report: Share the post "Semi-Auto .17 HMR: Savage A17 Field Test by". If you like cutting-edge firearms based on the wildly popular AR-15 rifle, this little semiauto.17-spitting marvel is your ticket to happiness. If you prefer a modular chassis type rig, this is a great option: Here is a semi-auto 17 HMR fitted with a suppressor. With a 100-yard zero, it drops only 4.3 inches at 200 yards. New 3000 FPS Rimfire Round The tolerances [are] tighter than normal production rifles, which gives you a high-end rifle feel. ALL Bulletin content is copyrighted, © 2020 This rifle features a high-grade 7075 aluminum action, spriral-fluted barrel, and carbon composite stock. This RCBS Kit has everything a new reloader needs: single-stage press, powder measure, scale, powder trickler, priming tool, cartridge tray, “rocket” chamfer tool, case lube and more. GunsAmerica has published its findings in a detailed review on the GunsAmerica Blog. With an aluminum action, high-quality carbon-composite stock, and 18″ carbon-wrapped barrel, the Ranger 22 is quite light and easy to carry. Sort By: 14 Item(s) Show. Out of stock View Details » View Details » Ruger 7222 77/17 6+1 20" Blued Fixed Stock Right Hand. Bolt closure takes less effort and the feeling as you drop the bolt handle is much smoother. REVIEW MORE BEST BUY PRODUCTS HERE. “I went 14 shots in a row without a miss, and that was from 80 yards out to 220 yards. Ground Squirrel Gauntlet in Northern Nevada A LOT of time was invested in this test, and we recommend you read the full report on Most 17 HMR ammo is priced from $10-$12 per box, and you can get some better deals during sales. It’s one of the best rifle scopes in the market for its... 3… As part of its review, tested four different types of 17 WSM ammo for accuracy: American Eagle (20gr V-Max); Hornady (20gr V-Max), Winchester HV (20gr V-Max); Winchester HE (25gr V-Max). The 17 WSM offers superior ballistics to all .22 rimfires, and is a clear step ahead of the 17 HMR. The newer ammo did not have any issues and functioned well, even while shooting some 10-round ‘mag-dumps’. The action also has a unique built-in bubble level (see below). The Savage 93R17 is the best .17 HMR rifle on the market. Roy tells us: “Yes, I make the bore guides out of 1616 aluminum arrow shafts. This cartridge, which uses a modified nail gun casing, drives 20gr bullets at 3000 fps. An avid shooter and hunter, Eric loves small, efficient cartridges. Buy Types Of Rifling And 17 Wsm Rifle Reviews Types Of Rifling And 17 Wsm Rifle Reviews Reviews : You finding where to buy Types Of Rifling And 17 Wsm Rifle Rev Conveniently, the Summit takes standard Ruger 6-round magazines. Now leading manufacturers are offering this efficient little rimfire cartridge in some nice rifles. NOTE: Volquartsen’s .22 LR and 17 Mach 2 Summits currently list for $1225.00 in Magpul stocks, about $330 cheaper. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-6323545-2']); Click HERE for Ruger 77/17, 17 WSM Review. After spending some time at the bench, I saw that this rifle shot the CCI A17 ammunition best, with most groups hovering right around 1″ to 1.20″ at one hundred yards, and some of the other ammo choices in the 1.25″ to 1.50″ range. Our friend Eric, Editor of, says the 17 WSM is probably his favorite rimfire option for small varmints. During Industry Day at the Range we met our friend Stan Pate, an ace F-Class shooter and avid hunter who was on assignment for has received nearly 3,500 Tikka T3 rifles, which will be sold at deep discounts as part of an inventory clearance program by Beretta, Tikka’s parent company. 5.56 and .223 Rem Base Hardness Tests, Ammo and Primer Shortage Will Continue into 2021, Excellent Article on 20 Vartarg from Cooper Firearms, Sunday GunDay: Thomas Haugland’s .221 Fireball from Norway, New Magazine for 6mmBR and 6 BR Improved Precision Rifles. Varminter Magazine says: “No ground squirrels were spooked during these shots. The Heavy Sporter-contour 26″ barrel includes a removable muzzle brake. With the addition of the .17 WSM chambering, the Summit is now a bonafied option for small-critter varminting out to 200+ yard. Savage’s new semi-auto .17 HMR has caused quite a stir. A17 Reliability Shown in Video Results were impressive. Finally the 17 WSM is, without question, the performance leader among .17-Cal rimfire rounds. When tested the A17 at Media Day — it worked flawlessly, so long as you make sure the magazine is fully seated. It was a few months after the initial range work when I was able to really put this ammo to work on some varmints. So the future is bright for this little cartridge, which can drive a 20-grain bullet at 3000 FPS, or a 25-grain bullet at 2600 FPS. Best Scope For 17 Wsm Rifle Reviews 2020- Top 5 Picks! There are other quality 17-cal cleaning rods, but we’ve used the Dewey and it functioned well. You could easily pay $35.00 or more for a 30mm scope level. You may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission in writing. Based on the 22 Hornet cartridge case, the 17 Hornet can drive a 20-grain V-MAX bullet at 3,650 fps. It is available with three inner diameters to fit scopes with 1″, 30mm, or 34mm main tubes. Hornady produces factory 17 Hornet Ammo with three bullet options: 15.5gr NTX, 20gr V-Max, and the new 25gr HP Varmint. Which rifle won our straw poll? Last year we tried an early production prototype B-Mag, and the bolt closure was very heavy. At SHOT Show 2020, Christensen Arms showcased an impressive new .22 LR rimfire rifle, the Ranger 22. The RVB Precision 17 HMR Bore Guide costs $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping. Or, migrate the brass from top to bottom as you proceed through case prep stages. Unfortunately, 17 HMR rifles cannot be converted to 17 WSM. The trigger is on the heavy side.”. It is well suited for mid-sized cartridges such as 6XC, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, and .260 Remington. The laminated thumbhole stock version of the Savage A17 is a great carry-around varminter. 17-Cal Bore Guides — The Challenge And the 17 WSM, as everyone is bound to call it, is about to have its day in the sun.This is a real rifle for a very real cartridge.Quick stats: The M77/17 looks, feels and performs more like a full-on centerfire hunting rifle (as this short video shows) than a cheap, plastic "toy" rimfire. This would be a great field-carry rifle for small varmints. This guides your cleaning rod perfectly to the bore without touching the chamber walls or front edge of the chamber. Watch Jason Shoot 17 Win Super Mag in Savage B-Mag Rifle. case called the 17 HMR. This is a good deal for the package. I quickly realized that I was not snapping the magazine into place every time. New Ruger 17 WSM Debuted at the 2015 SHOT Show. The .17 WSM shoots faster, flies flatter, and bucks the wind better than a .17 HMR. That makes this round a potential “game-changer” in the varmint fields. Months ago, we reported on the new, .17 Winchester Super Magnum (Win Super Mag or WSM) rimfire cartridge. However, if you slow down a bit it works fine. Shop for Rifle 17 Wsm And 17 Wsm Rifle Savage Ads Immediately . The action is quite stout and ‘smooth as butter’.”. GET Best 17 Wsm Rifle 2016 And Best 223 Heavy Barrel Rifle IN LOW PRICES. This is an excellent entry-level reloading kit, on sale for just $199.99 at Natchez Shooters Supplies. Out of stock View Details » View Details » Ruger 7219 77/17 6+1 18.50" Stainless Steel Fixed Stock Right Hand. It is a different, and much larger case entirely. This polymer-tipped ammo showed its capability to buck the wind way better than .22 LR ammo (or even 17 HMR). Moreover, the bullet’s precision and velocity also make it perfect for hunting possum, raccoon and rabbit from up to 200 yards. Consider Norma. Eric told us his current favorite rimfire cartridge is the 17 WSM. This gives you a few seconds [time window] to find the squirrel in your scope and make the shot. Plus the scope and sling mounts along with the detachable magazine make it complete. (Perhaps the firing pin spring rate has been softened.) With a 100-yard zero, it drops only 4.3 inches at 200 yards. Once the guide rod and bushing are in place, you can use a 17-caliber cleaning rod* with patches and/or brushes to clean the barrel. This centers the guide rod in the action to keep the guide rod tube aligned. We had a chance to shoot some 25-grain 17 WSM ammo through a new Savage B-Mag rifle. Christensen Arms offers a sub-MOA 50-yard accuracy guarantee. If you have a high comb on your rifle, you may need extra length to avoid interference with the rod handle. For the combined package, with all the tools one needs to hand-load quality ammo — this is a stunningly good deal at $199.99. In the little Ruger, which suffered from a very heavy trigger, the most accurate ammo, by far, was the American Eagle, with an average 5-shot group size of 1.135 MOA at 100 yards. This round has far less drop than a .22 LR and retains critter-busting energy even at 200 yards. The 17 WSM cartridge necessitates a different action than our 17 HMR rifles. If you searching to test Deer Hunting Rifle Reviews And 17 Wsm Rifle Ruger Reviews price. CLICK HERE to read full 17 Hornet Hunt Report. Yes, the newer 17 WSM rimfire has better ballistics, but 17 HMR ammunition is considerably less expensive, and you have a much larger selection of rifles and pre-chambered aftermarket barrels. The 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) is popular and well-established. Check out this Volquartsen Summit from SHOT Show. The 1″ version is just $12.95 while the 30mm model is $13.95 and the large 34mm version is $15.95. Even if a scope has relatively smaller objective lens than others, if its glass and lens coating are superior, the scope’s sight picture can easily appear brighter and crisper than peers. The .17 WSM Summit boasts a 1:8.25″-twist 20″ barrel, with threaded muzzle. Choose either AS-1 Ambi Stock or Laminated Wood Sporter Stock (shown above). If you searching to check Best 17 Wsm Rifle And Leather Scabbard For Henry Rifle price. Most folks think Norma only produces centerfire ammo and cartridge brass. Slim, straight line, high-comb, Green Mountain Laminate stock that puts your eye on or close to the center of the scope. It is outfitted with a Bushnell Rimfire Optic 4x12 Scope. This Discovery scope level is fully CNC-machined to close tolerances for a good fit. Eventually you may want to add an additional, large heavy press, but this will get the job done. After accuracy testing, Review Editor Chambers took the Ruger 77/17 on a Groundhog hunt in Northern Ohio. Also, months passed before rifles chambered for the new cartridge were available. Use the rod normally, but make sure your patches are quite small and don’t apply too much pressure as these small-diameter rods can kink if you try to force over-size patches down the bore. We saw scores of ARs, and countless metal chassis rifles. I had already picked-up and tested the new CCI A17 ammunition, so I filled up my ammo safe with other CCI ammunition, as well as Hornady and Winchester, including the lead free 15.5 grain NTX versions, also from Hornady and Winchester. The strong T3 action handles detachable magazines, and fits a variety of third-party stocks. “Winchester has continued to improve this cartridge since its introduction. Ammunition Info Winchester 17WSM Lead Free Ammunition Review – Part One & Two . We had a 17 Mach 2 rifle that rusted internally because solvents leaked past an open-bottom bore guide.). CLICK HERE for .17 Win Super Mag Rimfire Field Test Report. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, and shooting accessories. They beefed up the case by doubling the wall thickness and added extra meat to the top.”, Share the post "GunsAmerica Tests New .17 Win Super Magnum in Savage". Share the post "Pint-Sized Power — the 3000 FPS 17 Win Super Mag Rimfire". What should be your choice? Mayer reports “As I began to shoot the rifle, I experienced what a few others have reported, with the magazine falling out while shooting. Share the post " Field Tests New Lead Free 17 WSM Ammo". Looking for a great price on an excellent hunting rifle? The 17 HMR is a very popular round, available from multiple manufacturers — CCI, Hornady, and now Norma. The 17 Mach 2 (HM2) is making a resurgence, as it is less expensive than 17 HMR and it can be shot from rifles converted from .22 LR since it shares the .22 LR cartridge OAL. CLICK HERE for full accuracy test results. That question was answered a couple seasons back by in a First Hunt Report. Here, listed in alphabetical order, are several of the best .17-caliber rifles available today: Alexander Arms .17 HMR. The hydro-dip camo covers the rifle from butt to muzzle, including stock, action, barrel, scope, and even rings. Our Review Editor, William Chambers, put it through a full range test with all four currently-available ammunition loads. During multiple sessions, shot the ammo using no less than nine different rifles. Mag. Visit us in SHOT Show Booth #11329 to find out more about this exciting new rifle.”. The objective has a … (NOTE: be sure to turn on the sound icon). Dewey Mfg. There were thousands of rifles on display at SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas. Hornady provided it in 2002 when they introduced a necked down 22 Win. Stan Pate praised the Seekins Havak Element: “One thing I appreciate is quality. Now, for 2020 Volquartsen is addding the larger .17 WSM cartridge, which offers peak performance for a rimfire rifle. In order to maximize acuracy, Savage offers a thread-in barrel headspacing system, rear-locking lugs, and cock-on-close bolt. MSRP is $795.

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